I'm a Hospitalist who recently changed gears and entered the wild world of rural ER. I am so grateful for the RnR program which seemed to spring up at exactly the right time for me. Many of my colleagues and other GPs would be keen to engage the program as well and it is getting the traction of solid reputation very quickly.

Comparing the curriculum to the CARE course, I actually find it of a much higher quality in terms of preparedness and practical tips/pearls coming from well thought out 30+ page PDF documents provided before each session. These documents themselves are invaluable and I keep with my stethoscope in my napsack on rounds. It is also superior to the CARE course because of the high quality simulation dolls, which are much more lifelike than the average doll used in ER prep coursework.

The course instructors are readily available throughout the entire year (indeed, one of my classmates called for ventilator advice realtime from a remote BC community!) and demonstrates a knowledge base that is not only academic but also highly pragmatic and truly supports us in our learning endeavours.

Matthew Moher MD CCFP
Victoria, BC 

RnR provides amazing and practical learning that covers the infrequent but serious situations you will meet in a rural/remote environment - like instability, intubations, ventilators, sepsis - all of the things where preparation is vital. Very comprehensive learning is spaced through the year, so you get immediate benefit that continues to build throughout. You also get to meet great docs, and mix it with paramedics, nurses and of course the outstanding instructors.

My emergency skills improved dramatically. Thanks to RnR this year I felt much more confident dealing with overdoses, PEs, MI, traumas, unstable patients and a scorpion sting while overseas.

It's a hidden gem of a course and probably the best value CPD I have ever found. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone with an interest or need to improve their resuscitation, emergency or critical care ability. Thanks to Dr Wallace!

Richard Grainger MD CCFP
Vancouver Island, BC


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