RnR Rounds has been certified by the College of Family Physicians:

Guided Self-Study
(4+ hours / month)
High-Fidelity Simulation
(24hr over 10 months) 
Up to 52 MainPro+ Credits Annually 

Funding Support Available:

Rural Coordination Centre of BC

The RCCbc, through its Rural Education Action Plan offers a Rural Locum CME Program for eligible Rural Physician locums, including RnR Rounds.


Rural Health Professions Action Plan (RhPAP) offers CPD for practising rural Alberta physicians and other health professionals to upgrade existing skills or gain new skills... 

2024-2025 Membership
Categories & Costs


$ 2,100 + GST

  • 24 hours of in-person simulation in the ATTSL facility in Calgary.  Facilitated by expert-colleagues and experienced rural peers.
  • Access to comprehensive self-study content, specifically created to address the challenges of Canadian Rural & Resource-Limited resuscitation. 
  • Opportunity to participate remotely during any session while away.
  • up to 52 MainPro+ credits per year.


$ 1,890 + GST

  • The Virtual Stream is now 100% independent of In-Person (In-Lab) simulation streams.
  • This is a novel opportunity for remotely-located docs to learn & maintain resuscitation skills on an ongoing basis in small cohorts with their peers.
  • up to 52 MainPro+ credits per year.


  20% off  

  • RnR Rounds is a revenue-neutral program. As such, only a limited number of discounted seats are available on a first come first serve basis for each stream.
  • To be eligible for a resident discount, you must be enrolled in an accredited residency program during September 1st of the RnR cycle you wish to join. 

    Discounted seat (20% off) are available for resident physicians actively enrolled in a family medicine / rural family medicine residency program in Canada.   Discounted seats are limited.  Be sure to request your discount when contact us. 

    Know a colleague or two who would also enjoy RnR?  Help us in our mission of enhancing quality of rural-resuscitation care:   Contact us to arrange a group of participants (3+) and we'll show our thanks by passing the savings on to your group. 

    Great rural resuscitation care comes from great rural resuscitation TEAMS.   While RnR has been designed to target the learning and maintenance needs of physicians, we welcome the opportunity for non-physician colleagues to participate as volunteers.   Contact us to learn more.    


RnR Rounds makes full use of  state of the art Simulation Facilities. The program is always trailblazing new and cutting edge simulation techniques to provide zero risk, rural resuscitation learning opportunities.   Content is based on the latest and most relevant evidence. What we offer feels both real and relevant to rural practice.

Come try it out, you won't be disappointed!  


RnR Rounds is the only hands-on resuscitation program we know of, offering the opportunity for regular and ongoing participation all year long.

Brush up on your knowledge & skills, then keep them sharp in a fun, safe and effective learning environment.

Feel confident next time you are required to face a critical patient in a resource-limited setting. 

Revenue Neutral.

RnR Rounds is operated in a revenue-neutral fashion.  Membership collected is distributed to fairly compensate our expert-colleague facilitators for their time, to improve and update the curriculum, and to introduce and optimize new innovations to the program.  

Money left over at the end of the year is re-injected back into program development.  

RnR Rounds is a revenue-neutral CPD program operated by Community Health Network Ltd.  
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