Schedule: Calgary AB

Located at:
University of Calgary ATSSL
5.30 - 9.30pm (Mountain Time)

2023 - 2024


Wed 20 September 

Intro to Sim
+ Cardiogenic Shock (Beyond ACLS)

Wed 15 November 

Anesthetic Drugs
+ Airway + Ventilators


Wed 10 January

+ Sepsis

Wed 7 February

Rural Trauma
+ Transport Medicine

Wed 3 April

Obstetric Emergencies
+ Pediatric Emergencies

Wed 22 May

Special Topics
+ Complex Sims

2022-2023 Schedule

  1. Sep 7th 2022:  
    Intro to Rural Sim and Team Management (no pre-read, video series available)
    The RnR focus of simulation is rural-centric. Efficient "micro-team" utilization, communication and ensuring a safe and supportive environment for sim practice, is where we start.   
  2. Oct 5th 2022:
    Inside the Anesthesia Drug Box (please pre-read)
    A review of the pharmacology of key anesthetic agents sets the stage for a safe approach to sedation in the ER, not to mention analgesia & sedation required in critical care. 
  3. Nov 2nd 2022:
    Zen of Airway Management
    Every Rural Resuscitationist needs to be an expert in the airway, since seconds can actually make the difference.  
  4. Dec 7th 2022:
    Overcoming Ventilatorophobia
    Ventilator alarms are one of the scariest sounds on the planet, but having the skills and confidence to apply these machines correctly can make all the difference. 
  5. Jan 4th 2023: 
    Shock: Optimizing the Flow
    Lines, procedures and vasopressors rule the roost this month as we review the extra-cardiac aspect of cardiovascular support.   
  6. Feb 1st 2023:
    Cardiac Resus - Beyond ACLS
    This unit reviews ACLS scenarios as well as the latest evidence to optimize arrest outcomes. Get ready for advanced cardiac POCUS & its clinical application. 
  7. Mar 1st 2023:
    Trauma in the Rural ER
    Blood guts and gore. ATLS set the stage but we take it to the next level, reviewing how to optimizing trauma management in the rural ER & prep for transfer.
  8. Apr 5th 2023:
    Sepsis & Putting it All Together
    One of the most borderline-personality topics in emergency medicine in the past 2 decades. We review the latest evidence and take on some complex resus scenarios.
  9. May 3rd 2023: 
    Little vagal monsters that look great until they crash.    What's not to love?  
  10. June 7th 2023:
    Complex Sims
    Get ready to test your skills in this final module of the 2021-2022 stream.    
  11. June 10th 2023: 
    Year End BBQ(?)  - Save the date!

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