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Wednesday May 22nd 2024, 5:30-9.30 pm
(Mountain Time)

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Wed Sep 18th 2024, 6:30-8.30 pm
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What the heck is an "RnR" (?!)

RnR Rounds is an ongoing, simulation-based CPD program currently available live in Calgary, AB or virtually from anywhere with a robust internet connection. 

We are a group of like-minded colleagues dedicated to improving the care of the sickest patients in rural Canada and beyond. Rural/remote resuscitation, initial critical care, point of care ultrasound, and transport preparation are a few areas we focus on, as we support each other on the path to becoming amazing Rural Resuscitationists.

For physicians unable to access a physical sim lab on a regular basis, virtual participation (via video-conference and robotic video-presence technology) is a unique opportunity to learn no matter where you are located.  To date we've had over 30 virtual participants from four provinces and all three territories!   Both the simulation literature and our own anecdotal experience confirm the value of this innovative rural education opportunity.

Every month we review a key topic from the unique perspective of the Rural/Remote Emergency provider.
Then we step into a lab...

Care for a free sample? 

Our podcast:  RnR Rounds Podcast, is a FOAM (Free Open-Access Medicine) project, discussing actual resuscitation cases from rural Canadian emergency departments.   Check it out to get an idea of what we are about. 

Discover the benefits of RnR Rounds participation:

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Enhanced Realism

Our scenarios are designed to be true to your rural community, and are managed at an appropriate rural / resource-limited level of care.

Live-actor sim of Firefighter caught in structure fire / burns & smoke inhalation
- Nov 2017

Novel Simulations for Rural Life

We push the limits of sim technology to create novel learning opportunities.

Transport Medicine interhospital transfer sim
- Sep 2016

Regular Practice
Better Retention

We all know it intuitively: ongoing simulation training leads to better: patient outcomes, team confidence and reduced strain / cost to our medical system.

Don't just take our word for it though:

Practice with [Rural] Peers

Regular practice with Rural-minded colleagues makes us all better. RnR Rounds provides a safe & collegial environment to learn, trial new skills and to freely make mistakes without risk to patient, or fear of judgment.

We can turn up the pressure or hit pause at any moment, to optimize learning.

Virtual Participation

With over five years of experience, we've written the book on virtual learning for remote physicians.   

Learn from your community without ever setting foot in a lab.   It's far more effective than you might think!   LEARN MORE

Multiple Disciplines Together

Though designed for physicians, RnR regularly incorporates other rural-minded healthcare professionals including nurses and paramedics, to enhance multidisciplinary interactions, learning and practice.


Rural Physicians Up-skilled


Interactive Sim Sessions


Hours of Rural Resus CPD


Provinces/ Territories 

Behind the Scenes on Rural Trauma night, 2023.   
Video credit: Anthony Seto, MD

Fully Accredited

This Group Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 52 Mainpro+ credits.

Funding Available

RnR Rounds is recognized by several organizations and is eligible for partial or full reimbursement of membership fees.  

Format & Design: 

RnR Rounds is a CPD program designed to meet the specific learning and recurrency needs of physicians practicing in rural & remote communities in Canada and beyond.

Though initially designed for physicians, other professionals including nurses, paramedics and other interested health care professionals are welcome to attend and enhance multidisciplinary learning and practice.

RnR Rounds focuses on a relevant rural resuscitation or critical care topic each session combining guided self-study with a 2-4 hour live simulation session. 

Live simulations are conducted at the state of the art  ATSSL simulation facility at FMC in Calgary AB every month. 

The nature of rural & remote medicine makes monthly travel to a specific destination less desirable.   As such, physicians unable to attend live may still participate virtually, from anywhere with an internet connection.  

Our Roots:

RnR Rounds was designed based on the request of rural locums based in Victoria BC.  Since our first session in January 2015, the program has operated continuously on a monthly basis, including in Victoria BC, Crowsnest Pass AB, and post-pandemic: in Calgary, AB offering both live and virtual participation options. 

We've always supported distance learning and sim participation. A significant investment in communication technology has dramatically enhanced the virtual participation experience for those not able to travel to a physical location each month.  

Course designers & instructors include rural emergency physicians and GP-anesthetists, actively working in rural & remote Canadian communities.

Want to learn more?

So do we!  - That's the whole point of RnR Rounds!  Come join us and let's learn and improve our knowledge, skills and confidence together.

Following completion of the core curriculum, merge with the greater RnR community to keep the learning and the simulation going.  Ongoing practice keeps Rural Resuscitation skills razor sharp!

Contact us to learn more about the RnR Rounds program.  Or if you're ready: sign up!

RnR Rounds is a revenue-neutral CPD program operated by Community Health Network Ltd.  
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